The third book from Park Road Publishing, by author AC Lowry.

Thirty years ago, Prince Herlen of Astenforth massacred the elves of Maqqell. Those left alive were enslaved, their natural magics subdued and their last names stripped from them. Now, the prince wants nothing more than to be judged for his crimes. After a decade of planning, he’s finally ready to make his move. He needs only one thing: someone for the elves to rally around. He needs a Maqqelli on his side.


All her life, Em, a Maqqelli born in Astenforth, has swallowed abuse, known her place, obeyed the rules. Desiring any semblance of power, she joined Astenforth’s military, excelling despite hostility and hatred. Her reward? To be thrust into the service of a traitorous prince. He elevates her into his royal guard, whispering ideas of freedom and revenge for her people. But Em doesn’t want revenge. She simply wants enough power to live without fear of being bought or beaten. 

Still, she must choose: refuse the prince and lose the bit of power she's worked so hard to gain… or help him, and risk her own life as well as the lives of her people.

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Full-scale book editing. We go over your work with a fine tooth comb, working on things as big as act structure and as small as sentence structure. Personalized, knowledgable care for the thing you've worked so hard on.


Heavy focus on specific, high-engagement advertising avenues. Book reviewers and influencers, like on TikTok and Instagram, and traditional publications, like magazines and newspapers –– we cover all the bases. With your help and engagement, we will all do our best to sell your book.

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We will be with you every step of the way, and we will include you in every step of the way. It's your art, your sweat, and your self-expression –– we will never, ever let commerce get in the way of that. Our goal is to make your art the absolute best it can be, and nothing else. 

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There is no genre that we won't publish. The only things we care about are quality, and author engagement. Long, winding science fiction to biting, eighty page novellas –– send it all our way. 

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